LOU SHRIRO -Bass / SCOTT SIMS -Keyboards

 Lou -  "The Mad Hatter" has been active in music his entire life. With early influences by  Elvis and the Beatles, Lou is a self-taught musician and prides himself on the ability to listen and learn songs by ear. He has had the pleasure of playing in the Valley with several local groups for over 25 years, and continues to learn and polish his craft while looking forward to a most enjoyable “ride” with Bret Kaiser and “The‘56tees”.






Scott - "The Professor" has been tickeling the ivory's for a long time. Scott Sims wears many hats: teacher, musician, and actor. Scott has taught choir and guitar for 18 years. A band leader at at his Church, as an actor, he performs in various theaters in the valley and is a ZONI winner for his work in "Dracula".
. As a musician, he performs with Speedway, and just recently climbed aboard for the ride of his life with "The '56tees"  







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